"Excellent work on my website. It runs smooth and looks sleek. She took what I had envisioned with the website and made it a reality. Thanks again Michelle!" -Shawn James, Shawn James and the Shapeshifters

"Zooma has done design work for my band not only shirt designs and album covers but our website as well. Could not be happier!!" - Henry Berger, S.S. Web

"Michelle Tschetter of Zooma MC (Zooma Design) not only designed my site, she took the time to understand my work in order to translate it. I've seen so many graphic designers in her line of work, use the current flavor of the week/pop culture approach to representing their clients with so much bad theater... for myself, its made the whole Idea of doing a webpage or handing over representation of my work visually, totally unappealing. Then I saw what she had done on show posters and with other peoples work, and it was a easy decision - basically came down to providing content, two conversations and a week later I had exactly what I wanted... Working with her was and remains as simple as it can be... If only the remainder of this industry were as easy" - Good Neighbor 

"I run a DYI House Concert Series. From day one I wanted to make our series something different and special. Focusing on Roots and Americana I wanted a look-and-feel that would convey "Roots and Americana". Michelle worked with me, listened to me and created a Web Site and kick ass logo that is the envy of every Northern Colorado DYI house concert series. You can find the Concerts @539 logo on cars, trucks and stop lights across the land. Pricing was fair and might I say much more reasonable than what I know others have paid for DYI Sites. Michelle also walked me through the whole hosting process and assisted in setting up my Site and gettin' 'er live. I'd give 6 stars if I could!" - J.R. Ketelsen, Concerts @ 539